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Our Lady of Victories R.C. Primary School

Friendship, Family, Faith
Keeping Christ at the Centre of all we do

Our Faith Family


Pope Francis ~ 2024 ~ THE YEAR OF PRAYER

 Prayer and Liturgy

At Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School, Jesus Christ remains central to every aspect of school life. We strive to be a living, loving and sacramental community inspired by the life of Christ and the teachings of the Church, rooted in our Gospel Values. We welcome families from other or no particular faith.

Prayer and Liturgy takes place weekly (KS1 and KS2). It is an integral part of our ethos, aims and relationships with Christian values that permeate through all aspects of school life and all relationships. Prayer and Liturgy is a way of deepening our relationship with God together as a school family and individually.

Click HERE for an example of the slides we follow together during weekly Prayer and Liturgy. (This example is in PDF format - not animated as we would use in Prayer and Liturgy together).

 Prayer Corner     Prayer Leaders

Each classroom has a Prayer Corner. We use this as a focal point during class Prayer and Liturgy. The Prayer Leaders help us all to keep our Prayer Corners neat and tidy and make sure we clearly show what our current RE topic/unit of learning is and that we understand the Liturgical calendar.

  Our Lady of Pity and St Simon Stock

Each class attends Our Lady of Pity and St Simon Stock once a half term for mass with Father Michael. We also attend Mass on Holy Days of Obligation and for special events, such as our Welcome Mass, at the beginning of the school year, Holy Communion and Leavers' Mass - not to mention the special Centenary Mass we held in June, 2023. The children visit the church for educational reasons, too - to learn about the Sacraments, the Stations of the Cross and the parts of the church, to name a few.

 Our Centenary        Our Centenary Prayer

We really enjoyed researching the history of our school, welcoming visitors and guests, including previous staff, governors and pupils. The special mass we held was just wonderful. Father Michael helped us decide on a school prayer to learn and pray together during Prayer and Liturgy.

A New School Prayer

The children, staff and families will contribute to a new school prayer for us to learn now that our centenary year is over. This is the first entry received and we look forward to many before we decide on what our new school prayer will be.

CAFOD Club and Catholic Social Teaching

 CAFOD Club - see link HERE

Our school CAFOD Club meets weekly as an extra curricular activity where the children work together on a school project. Currently they are designing new Gospel Value display boards for out in our playground. Other projects include; Fratelli Tutti Children, Faith Words and Gospel readings in our celebration assemblies.

CAFOD Character Prayers

We share these during Prayer and Liturgy and keep these on display in our lobby near our Gospel Value Focus display. There is a lot of foot traffic through here which gives the children and staff plenty of opportunities to change and display the prayer of their choice as and when. Click HERE to read the prayers from each character regarding the principles and values of Catholic Social Teaching.

CAFOD World Gift

These children have been so inspired by CAFOD Club and the values of Catholic Social Teaching. They have independently arranged and planned a fundraising drive in order to purchase a World Gift from CAFOD. They have arranged dates, information posters, scripts for an information assembly for the school, bookmarks to give to every person who contributes a donation and an opportunity for the school to vote on which CAFOD World Gift we purchase with the money we raise. Click HERE to see the World Gifts you can buy, too. 


 Click HERE for further information

Steps IN Faith is bespoke to Our lady of Victories and how we are developing equality, diversity and inclusion practices within our school and local community.

It is an approach that has drawn strands from Catholic Social Teaching (CAFOD), UNICEF Rights and EDI principles under one umbrella of understanding.

Steps IN Faith has influenced our classroom reflections where our children are encouraged to think and talk about EDI values from a faith perspective; to be allies, advocates, disciples in Christ and change-makers.

Helpers in Our School Family

Our older children make sure that the younger children feel welcome, happy and safe in our school. The Year 6 pupils are on a roster to help out in the Reception playground each day. The younger children love having the older children to play with and the older children really enjoy the responsibility of taking care of others.

We have Buddy Classes across the school where children from different year groups spend time sharing work and Buddy Reading with each other. 

When we attend Mass at St Simons, the children walk with their Buddy Class and seating is arranged so that we can participate in Mass together as one big school family.

Gospel Values

Father Michael and the Prayer Leaders chose six values for us to focus on - one each half term - and decided on Scripture references to support our understanding of the values. The Prayer Leaders are working on updating the display board for the playground. You will find the scripture reference displayed inside the school building in our communal corridors.




Places of Worship and Other Faiths

We learn about other faiths and visit places of worship local to us. Y5 and Y6 complete both the Southfields Faith Trail and the Wimbledon Faith Trail. We also have visitors who share information with us about their faith.




Welcome Service

Parents and carers are invited every September to attend a 'Welcome Meeting' in their child/ren's classroom with the class teacher, support staff and Senior Leadership Team. We also have a special 'Welcome Service' with Father Michael for all our new Reception pupils and their families and for any new pupils and staff to the school. Members of our Governing Board attend all special events - you will also find them on site during Parents' Evening Consultations, too. 

Father Michael leads a special Welcome Mass at St Simon Stock for the whole school to attend. It is a lovely event to start our new year at school.

Beginning of Year Mass

A small number of children attended the Education Commission Annual Beginning of Year Mass in September. Our school candle was blessed by Bishop Paul Hendricks and is kept safely at school as a reminder of Christ's light.

Remembrance Day

Year 6 lead a special service for the school and the Y6 parents and carers. It is a very moving service for all of us. We are always grateful for the kind feedback we receive - see below note from a parent who attended the service.


A few of the special events at Christmas




Ash Wednesday


Honouring Mary Our Mother in May

May 1st is considered a day to mark new growth and the start of a 30 day Devotion to Mary. At OLV, we participate in Prayer and Liturgy together and think about what Our Lady means to us and how she helps us. The children recognise Mary as; Jesus' mother, our mother, The Virgin Mary, Immaculate Mary and Mary Undoer of Knots.

The children bring in a special flower from home and each class has some special time to reflect and place their flowers at Mary's feet.


Participating in events with other schools


Supporting Charities

Supporting charities, awareness of the needs of others, celebrating differences and promoting antibullying


Some of the charities we fundraise for include, The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, NSPCC, Sports Relief, Catholic Children's Society, The Passage, Mission Together, The Royal British Legion, Mary's Meals, Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Small Steps.

Celebrating First Holy Communion

This is a very special time for our children and their families. Father Michael works very closely with the Y3 teachers and prepares the children for their First Holy Communion.  St Simon Stock Church is attended by staff and the families and extended families of all the children who are receiving their First Holy Communion.   

We then celebrate as a school with a special mass. The children wear their special garments again and Father Michael leads us in celebration and recognition of the children receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion.


Sports Day

We hold our annual sports day in June. Every child in the school from Reception to Y6 gathers at a local sports ground where families and extended families come to enjoy a carousel of team races and activities. The day begins with a joint prayer led by the Prayer Leaders and concludes with the final event - a fabulous relay between the house groups. Finally, we share in a picnic lunch together as a school family.