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Our Lady of Victories R.C. Primary School

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Charging and Remissions Information

As a voluntary-aided school, a proportion of the costs of certain repairs is payable by the Governing Body.  We ask an annual voluntary contribution from parents to assist with these payments, which is the Governors' Maintenance Fund.  Further information on the Governors' Maintenance Fund can be found under the Governors' Section of our website.

Curriculum Enrichment
When organising school trips or visits to enrich the curriculum and the educational experiences of the children, the school invites parents to contribute to the cost.  All contributions are voluntary. No child will be excluded on the grounds of non-payment. However, the school's ability to provide such extra enrichment activities may depend on the adequacy of the contributions received.

Our Lady of Victories School believes that all our pupils should have an equal opportunity to benefit from school activities and visits (curricular and extra curricular) independent of their parents' financial means.  We will do our best to ensure a good range of visits and activities is offered and, at the same time, try to minimise the financial barriers which may prevent some pupils taking full advantage of the opportunities on offer.

Calculating Charges
When charges are made for any activity, whether during or outside the school day, they will be based on the actual costs incurred, divided by the total number of pupils participating.  There will be no levy on those who can pay to support those who can't or those who decline to pay.  Support for cases of hardship will come through School Funds or, if applicable, from the Pupil Premium funding.

Pupils who would qualify for support are those who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding.

At the discretion of the Headteacher other cases of hardship where parents are not in receipt of the above support may be considered to remit charges wholly or in part.

All discussions relating to an individual family's financial circumstance will be confidential.

The principles of best value will be applied when planning activities that incur costs to the school and/or charges to parents.

Damage To or Loss of School Property
Where it can be proved that a child or group of children have caused damage to school property or resources, a charge will be made to parents in order to replace/mend the damage that has been caused.  We also reserve the right to charge parents for school reading or text books, etc., that have been lost at home or deliberately defaced.

Charging and Remissions Policy

Financial Information