School Uniform

All items marked with * are available from the school office.

White blouse/shirtSchool tie*

Navy blue pinafore dress or skirt, dark grey trousers/shorts

Blue/white striped dress (Summer Term)

Navy blue cardigan, pullover or school sweatshirt*

Navy blue tights/navy blue socks/grey socks (Autumn & Spring Terms)

White socks (Summer Term)

Black shoes or dark blue shoes

Navy blue/black coat/anorak or navy blue blazer

School badge*

PE Kit

Reception and Y6 wear their PE Kit to school on their allocated PE day

Reception pupils should come to school in their PE kit (including comfortable, safe trainers)

Y6 pupils should come to school in their PE kit but wear their school shoes (Should activities take place on grassy/muddy fields, pupils need clean shoes to change into before entering the school building)

All other classes are required to change for games, sports clubs and P.E. lessons

White school t-shirt with school logo*

Navy blue shorts*

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms

School sweatshirt*

Trainers/black plimsolls

P.E bag (drawstring bag)*

Book bags and back packs

Infant children require a school book bag*

Juniors can bring in a back pack - dark colours, please

With the help of FOLV, we will be seeking parent/carer input as we look ahead to make changes/update book bags for the 2020-2021 academic year

It is important that children wear the correct uniform at all times.

All items of clothing and property should be clearly marked with your child's name. The school cannot be held responsible for anything that is lost, but if an article is marked we shall make every effort to return it to its owner.

Please note that girls with pierced ears may wear small stud earrings only.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.  Long hair should always be tied back.