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Our Lady of Victories R.C. Primary School

Friendship, Family, Faith
Keeping Christ at the Centre of all we do

Our Staff

Teaching Staff



Ms A Madden - Safeguarding Lead

PE Subject Lead

Religious Education Subject Lead


Acting Assistant Headteacher

Ms E Montenero

Science Subject Lead

Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Ms T Chowdhury


Year 6 Teachers

Mrs A Hodgson (W-F)

Art and Design Subject Lead


Ms A Madden (M-T)


Year 5 Teacher


Ms R Adesegun


Year 4 Teacher

Ms M Kiirya (M-W)

PSHE and RHE Subject Lead


 Mrs L Coughlan (Th-F)

Humanities Subject Lead

Year 3 Teacher


Mrs H Walker (M-Th)

Maths Subject Lead

Year 2 Teacher


Mr R Aylward


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs I Lewis (M-T)

English Subject Lead


Ms F McIntyre (W-F)



Reception Teacher

Mrs J Hampton

EYFS Leader

Phonics Subject Lead

NQT/ECT Mentor


Music Teacher 


Ms R Fenner

Music, Drama and Dance Subject Lead


IT Subject Leader

Miss M Boyle

Year 3 Teacher (F)


French Teacher


Mme C Chereau

MFL Subject Lead


Support Staff


Teaching Assistant Y6

Ms A Thirkill

Teaching Assistant Y5

Ms T Henderson

Teaching Assistant Y4

Ms L Hansom

Teaching Assistant Y3

Ms F Fitzpatrick

Teaching Assistant Y2

Ms B Murphy

Ms G Tickel

Teaching Assistant Y1

Mrs A Darney

Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms J Horner

Reception Nursery Nurse 

Mrs J Shoubber

Non-Teaching Staff/Admin

(First point of contact for queries from parents, guardians and other members of the public)

School Business Manager


Ms Madden overseeing info@ email correspondence until further notice

HLTA/Admin Assistant/Admissions

Mrs C Flahive

Non-Teaching Staff

Premises Assistant

Mrs K Ward

School Caretaker

Mr L Santos

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs U Bannock